Rob Dawson

Web Development / Game Programming / Digital Publishing
From: Brighton, UK
Currently: Vancouver, CAN



Generative Audio-Visual game. C++, Cinder, SuperCollider

CELL is an open-source Audiovisual experience built in C++ with Cinder and the SuperCollider audio programming language. Cell is procedural, meaning that no two playthroughs will be the same. It's soundtrack is entirely generative.

System Requirements: OSX 10.8+


2D space shooter. Unity, UnityScript

Built in the Unity Game Engine by Mutato Games. UnityScript (Javascript)


First Person Shooter concept. Unity, UnityScript

"E.F.P.S" (Embodied First Person Shooter) is an experimental prototype designed and implemented in Unity, as a new technique for Camera placement and control in First Person Shooters. This prototype made extensive use of Inverse Kinematics

"Alchemy Man"

2D platformer. Javascript, Box2D, php

A from-scratch game/engine using Javascript and the Box2D Physics Engine

This prototype features a web-based Level Editor built with AJAX and PHP, which allowed the Game's artists to collaborate level designs.


Breakout Clone. Javascript, Cinder, C++

A from-scratch game using Javascript and the Box2D Physics Engine


additive/substractive synthesizer in Processing


simulating rain and condensation